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Case Studies

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case study

Driving Sales
by Fueling Kid's

270+ Million Times

We were tasked with increasing domestic and international sales through long-form storytelling on YouTube Kids.

Our 46 episodes have been reposted 140 times, accumulating 270+ million organic views.

The Hot Wheels YouTube channel gained 2+ million subscribers since we partnered with them.

Our content contributed to a 55% increase in annual gross revenue from $834 million in 2018 to $1.34 billion in 2023.

"WOAH was a pleasure to work with. They were able to strategically interpret a brief and deliver content that was fun, playful, and just right for the audience we were trying to reach. They are a great partner to have on your side."

Alexandra Guglielmino, VP Client Services

If your content

isn't driving sales 
and generating

we need to talk.


Surprising and Delighting 35 Million Potheads.
Yes, including Snoop.

case study

WarnerMedia (formerly Fullscreen) tasked us with generating brand + product awareness on a limited budget with organic content.

Within 2 days of its release, the video became Fullscreen’s most watched video of all time, accumulating 30+ million organic views + 92K+ comments on Facebook.

Our video built brand awareness. Within a month, they were acquired by AT&T for $650+ million. We’re not saying our one video was the reason for the high priced acquisition, but we’re also not not saying that either 😏...

The video has accumulated 10+ million organic untracked views from weed-themed meme pages + creators who constantly repost the video across the internet (including Snoop Dog, Cheech & Chong, and others).


This kind of thing happens so often to our content that we literally can't keep track of it all. 

Screen Shot 2024-01-12 at 1.52.28 AM.png

If your content isn't
being shared by Snoop, 
we need to talk.

Our friends at Truth and Mojo Supermarket tasked us with bringing to life their series of absurd comedic spots with the goal of stopping kids from vaping.

Our videos were watched over 4.5 million times on TikTok, with a delightful amount of positive brand sentiment in the comments sections.

According to the CDC, youth vaping has decreased by 26% between 2022 and 2023. 

Using Surrealism
to Stop Teens

From Vaping

case study

"WOAH is absurd. Absurdly creative. Absurdly collaborative. I really hope I get the chance to work with them again. I was continuously impressed by their commitment (and steadfast troubleshooting) to deliver the best possible outputs for our unconventional digital/social campaign. True partnership. Highly recommend."

Colleen Miller-Moran, Executive Producer

If your content
isn't stoping teens
from vaping,
we need to talk.


We were tasked with delighting and inspiring toy lovers by recreating iconic scenes from Jurassic World to drive sales for Mattel’s new licensed product line.

Indominus Escapes is Mattel’s most watched sweded video they have ever produced and the 2nd most watched video of all time on the Mattel Action YouTube channel.


Our videos helped launch the Mattel Action YouTube channel, quickly growing to nearly 1 million subscribers.

As part of Mattel’s overarching content marketing strategy, our videos contributed to a 19% increase in annual gross revenue from $4.59B in 2020 to $5.46B in 2021. 

Delighting 48+ Million
to Hatch Dino Sales


case study

If your content isn't
driving sales (like this),
we need to talk.


Tag Teaming
Surprise + Delight
to Brand Love Victory

HBO’s House of Max tasked us with executing the most entertaining surprise and delight AEW and StateFarm has ever done.

Our video garnered 1.3 million organic views, making it the most watched surprise and delight AEW and StateFarm has ever done.

We helped make AEW + StateFarm beloved brands and have ~500 comments to prove it... 

State-Farm-Logo (1)_edited.png

case study


If your customers aren't getting arm tattoos
of your logo,
we need to talk.


Preventing Food Allergies
by Hiring a Baby Interpreter 

case study

Marc Cuban and Shark Tank helped launch Ready Set Food in 2019, with the goal of ending food allergies.

We were tasked with increasing brand and category awareness on a budget. 

Currently, the 40-and-counting episode series is at 13+ million organic views and 400K+ shares.

Ready Set Food’s follower count has increased by 84% since the series was released, from 33K to 61K.

The series has created brand superfans who eagerly await new episodes. 

"The WOAH team was able to help us create engaging content series for our social channels that exploded our engagement and grew our social following. Allowing us to hit our goals and expand brand awareness."

Alisa Adams, Sr. Digital Marketing Manager 

If your content isn't
building an audience 
we need to talk.


Meet your


Ryan Kelly

Ryan's creative strategy has reached over 450 million people globally, contributing to a 34% increase in sales revenue for clients between 2018 and 2023. His expertise spans writing, directing, and editing impactful campaigns and films for major brands like HBO, Mattel, StateFarm and AEW Wrestling.

Angelica Cadiente

A career communicator with over a decade of industry experience, Angelica’s passion for distilling complex concepts into simple, engaging content has helped her rack up positive brand buzz and awards for FORTUNE 100 multinationals like DIRECTV and AT&T, in addition to high-growth startups like Headspace.

Jen Murray

Jen is a creative strategist who has managed multiple national accounts during her career including El Pollo Loco, Wonderful Company, Boka Restaurant Group, and Top Chef Stephanie Izard.

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Chris Duce

You may have seen Chris serve spaghetti out of a trunk or wondering what a ladder is. Chris has worked on brands like Papa Johns, Wrigley, Cricket Wireless and NutriBullet.

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